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Electrical Power and Lighting

From the initial workup to the design details, to purchasing of equipment, there is an incredible amount of detail involved with the electrical and lighting phase of your building project. Lighting systems are an integral part of a building's energy usage and indoor quality.

ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage systems. This includes all the systems in building which operate on low voltages like telephone, data transmission, LAN, CCTV, fire alarm, public address, master clock systems etc. Every building requires these kinds of systems. As well as Building Management systems like access control, security systems etc.

  • Infrastructure Electrical Requirements
    • Sub-Station Captive
    • Power Generation
    • Street Lighting
  • HT/LT Cabling & Power Distribution.
  • Emergency Supply D.G. Sets & UPS etc
  • Integrated Building Management Systems.(IBMS)
  • Functional & Mood Lighting and Control
  • Public Address/Audio Visual System
  • Telecommunication, LAN and Networking system.